Plover, Wisconsin

Plover, Wisconsin is located in the central region of the state and is historical town with many connections to the past. There is one house that ma have more of a connection to history than any other.... it seems that residents from the past are still living there.

The William Sowiak family lived in a small clapboard house in Plover from 1957 to 1982 and although they did experience some odd things during their residency, according to their son Mike, they were very reluctant to talk about it. It wasn't until the family moved out that the ghostly activity became public knowledge...and much more frightening.

In 1982, Tim and Louise Mulderink bought the 125-year old house and decided to turn it into a restaurant. They called it the Old Sherman House after one of Plover's early and influential residents, Eugene Sherman. Initially, the young couple was too busy with their extensive renovations to notice that anything odd was going on but once the bar opened for business, they realized they were not alone in the house.

Glass windows had a habit of shattering, glasses and plates would fly off bars and counters and explode in front of customers. Doors opened and closed by themselves and lights in the offices and the restaurant refused to behave normally. At one point, employees even complained that invisible forms brushed past them in some of the rooms.

Tim and Louise realized that they had a ghost. They decided to do some research into the history of the place and try to figure out why. They gathered information about the place and discovered that, although the only person to die in the house was an infant, they believed they had found the identity of the ghost. Most of the families who had lived in the house had been strict Methodists and very against the "evils" of alcohol. This was especially true of the Pierce family, who had lived in the house from 1903 to 1945. James Pierce had been a church deacon and an influential member of the local church. The Mulderink's believed that they may have offended James Pierce with the idea that they had turned his former home into a restaurant... and unwittingly turned his former bedroom into a bar!

The strange phenomena in the house continued and finally drove the Mulderink's out of the house.... they closed the restaurant after only a few years in business. Later on, the restaurant opened again, this time with the name "The Cottage House Restaurant". At this time, the status of the haunting is unknown. 

The Old Sherman House Restaurant was located in Plover, Wisconsin.


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