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There are many schools and colleges across the country that claim to be haunted, from their dormitories to their chapels to their sorority houses... but what about a college where the entire place seems to be haunted?
That school may be Sinclair College, where not only are some of the buildings haunted by former occupants, but the land on which the college rests even seems to be infested with ghosts!

It's as if the place is some sort of way station in the spirit world... or an entrance from our world to the next!

One of the most accepted reasons of why the college may be so haunted is that the old Dayton city gallows were located on the grounds of the college, in fact, just where the cafeteria now sits. A variety of criminals met their ends at these old gallows and some of those thieves and killers may still be lingering behind.

It has been said that in Blair Hall, people have reported invisible hands tugging at them or pressing against them. They have heard laughter coming from nowhere, the sounds of cats inside the walls, babies crying, and people walking around. They have also experienced elevators working on their own, doors slamming shut and other strange events. Some students who had stayed behind after a concert in Blair Hall had another strange experience to recount. They were cleaning up after the concert and once everyone left, they locked the revolving door. Suddenly, all of the lights went out and chilling wind rushed past them. They heard a snapping sound as the locks on the revolving door came open and the door began spinning on its own.

A security guard at the school experienced a ghost who was not a part of the land's past... but of his own. One night on duty, he saw his former boss, the security chief, get off of an elevator and walk down the hallway. This would have been totally unremarkable if the chief had not died the week before. Perhaps Sinclair College really is a stopping place from our world to the land of the dead?

More recently, another ghost has appeared at the college. He has been dubbed "Mr. Joshua" and he has been sighted in Building 13, which was the former site of the United Color Press. According to legend, a worker had been killed there when his arm was caught in a press.

Mr. Joshua has been described as an older man, with white hair and wearing a shirt and denim pants. He has been seen walking through walls and in the hallways. He has also been joined by a another ghost in the building, or rather two of them, an old man and a mule, who vanished into a freight elevator. The building was formerly the site of a railroad roundhouse, where mules were used to turn railroad engines around... perhaps this explains that sighting as the roundhouse was destroyed by a flood in 1913.

Sinclair Community College is located at 444 West Third Street in Dayton.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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