Ghosts of the Prairie


Indianapolis, Indiana

The mansion was abandoned at the time of this photograph... at least
by anyone living!

This mansion in suburban Indianapolis was also known for many years as the Rand Family home and it was formerly located along Southport Road in the Decatur Township area of Indianapolis.

The house is a gothic mansion was started in 1870 by David Nicholson, a contractor for the new Marion County Courthouse in Indianapolis. During the six years that he worked on the courthouse, he also worked on his own home near the small town of Valley Mills.

From 1903 to the 1960's, the house was owned by the Rand family. The house gained paranormal notoriety in 1997 when it was moved for preservation purposes from it's location on Southport Road to a corner a short distance away. While the house was being moved, a photographer from an Indianapolis newspaper took a public interest photo of the house.... a photo that many believe captured an image of the house's ghost looking out an upstairs window. There was no one in the house at the time!

For many years, conflicting tales of the house claim that it has been haunted by the ghost of a little girl who was killed in an accident near the house or haunted by the benign spirit of an old woman.

A paranormal investigation in the Summer of 1997 recorded a lot of unusual activity including unexplainable EMF fields (the house was resting on a trailer and not connected to any type of utility at the time) and a hanging light that moved on it's own.

The Nicholson House is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is under private ownership. Information about the Rand Family is courtesy of Allen David Distler and more information about the Rand family can be found at his website Ohio River Valley Families.


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