Visit America's Most Haunted Places
Compiled by Author Troy Taylor

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Almost everyday, I get a request from someone to provide them with the sites that I believe are the most haunted places in America. Of course, there are a number of ways to answer this query... It can be answered with the idea of these being the most actively haunted places (in which case I can name a handful pf places you have undoubtedly never heard of)... or the list can be some legendary haunted spots (in which little or no activity has occurred for decades, but it remains a famous site). This is the dilemma that such a question creates!

Rather than try and break down these sites with long discussions over what constitutes paranormal activity and what makes a really good story, I have simply decided to list what I consider my favorite haunted sites.... and ones that I feel fit into the category of "America's Most Haunted Places". 

 Bell Witch Cave
Located in Adams, Tennessee

Lincoln Theater
Located in Decatur, Illinois

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Located in Louisville, Kentucky

Moore Home / Ax Murder House
Located in Villisca, Iowa

Lemp Mansion
 Located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
Located near Midlothian, Illinois

Gettysburg Battlefield
 Located in southern Pennsylvania

Located in the San Francisco, California

Winchester Mansion
Located in San Jose, California

Myrtles Plantation
Located near St. Francisville, Louisiana

Bobby Mackey's Music World
Located in Wilder, Kentucky.. just across the river from Cincinnati

Old Slave House
Located near Junction, Illinois
Currently Closed to the Public!

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