Ghosts of the Prairie


Tompkinsville, Kentucky

There is an old road that runs along a small creek outside of Tompkinsville that has long been called the Meshack Road. The small town of Tompkinsville itself is located in the south central part of Kentucky, just a few miles north of the Tennessee border. It is an old and remote area and stories of ghost and "haints" are common.

For many years, people have been reporting variations of the "Vanishing Hitchhiker" story associated with this road. The story goes that two young men were on their way to a local dance one evening when they picked up and attractive young woman along the Meshack Road. She was wearing a formal dress and they invited her along to the dance with them. She accepted and danced with both of them that evening.

She agreed to let the boys drive her home, but only if she could be let out at a certain spot. It was raining when they left the dance and one of the boys offered her his coat. He told her that he would pick it up later.

They dropped the girl off at a small house along Meshack Road and a few days later, the boy went back to pick up his coat. He asked for the girl and the woman of the house told him that she had once had a daughter but that she had died in an accident on the road. She told the boy where she was buried and he went to the churchyard to find his coat beside the grave.

There is another phantom also connected to this road and it too is along the lines of a mysterious hitchhiker. It seems that for many years, travelers along this road have reported that an invisible presence often can be felt clinging tightly to the waist of a horse or motorcycle rider. This specter holds onto the rider's waist for about a mile before it disappears. No one has ever been able to suggest as explanation for this phenomena.

Tompkinsville is located in the south central part of Kentucky, about twenty miles southeast of Glasgow. Meshack Road runs alongside of a small creek on the outskirts of town.


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