The Best Three Haunted TV Shows on Air Today

Ghost hunting has become an immensely popular industry. The Growing popularity of Haunted TV shows it at least in part to the immensely successful low-budget film Paranormal Activity film series. The first film, made for just $11,000 dollars, went on to make $193,355,800 at the box office, making it the most profitable film ever made. The film featured a "reality" element that made many audience members feel as if the movie was either a) based on true events, b) or a documentary of true events. Since that time, a flurry of "Haunted" films and television shows have made their way to audiences. Here are the top three Haunted TV shows available today.

1. Haunting Evidence- This is a bold series that combines elements of the super-natural with crime solving techniques. The show follows psychic profilers
Carla Baron, paranormal investigator Patrick Burns and medium John J. Oliver as they visit scenes of the most baffling and disturbing criminal mysteries of all time. Some cases they have covered in the past include the "Zodiac Killer," JonBenet Ramsey, and George Allen Smith. This team works together to try and cover the secrets of these crimes. Haunting Evidence is a documentary-style series that began in 2005. The team at times has actually compiled an interesting amount of evidence on these cases, which helps their validity in the paranormal world, if not the court room as well.

2. SUPERNATURAL- In today's world the word supernatural is not just a word, but also a television series. The show follows two brothers who travel down mysterious back roads searching for their missing father. All the while they hunt down evil forces the encounter along the way. Equipped only with their keen senses, each other's trust, and a 1967 Black Chevy Impala, Dean and Sam Winchester battle folklore, myths and urban legends on their quest to find their father. Some of the creatures they encounter include ghosts, werewolves, and vampires. Even though the show is fictional there is a certain realness to it which is refreshing since most people grew up with the Ghostbusters style of cinema.

3. A HAUNTING- This is an American television show that airs on the Discovery Channel. The show originally aired in 2005 and has since produced 39 seasons over four seasons. This show follows narration and dramatic reenactments based on paranormal encounters. There are stories surrounding poltergeists, demonic possessions, and other tales of the super natural. Every episode includes interviews with victims, and teams of parapsychologists try to uncover the truth behind the hauntings. What makes this show so great is its cinematic effects and the fact that it is based on true stories. These real life stories delve into the mysteries that plague the human condition.

Leave the Light On
Whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, and visitors from another planet, these three TV shows are entertaining.  Make sure to program your DVR and to not miss an episode.  If you don’t have a DVR quite yet, check out and receive special rates for new subscriptions.  These shows really do make you look up at the night sky, lock your doors, and hide your feet underneath the covers at night.