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The most legendary haunted house in all of Maryland's Calvert County is undoubtedly the house called Maidstone. The haunting here dates back to the 1700's and to the original owners of the house.... and still continues today.

The original Maidstone was built in the late 1600's by Samuel Chew on a 2000 acre piece of land in Calvert County. It became a well-known location because it was used as a Quaker meeting house by the Chew family. The house remained in the Chew family for nearly 200 years, although the original house was replaced by a stone one in the middle 1700's.

According to the stories of the house, Maidstone's reputation for being haunted goes back many years. The ghost is said to be that of a beautiful young woman dressed in gray who has been seen dozens of times over the years. The description exactly matches that of Ann Chew, who was married to Phillip Chew at Maidstone in 1724. As the years passed, even members of the Chew family reportedly saw her ghost walking the grounds of the house. She has always been sighted on moonlit nights, walking near the gardens and she has always been described as being very graceful and wearing a long, gray veil that is nearly four feet in length. Many people believe that the veil, and the dress that she wears, is her wedding gown.... and over the past two centuries, Ann's spirit has been dubbed "The Gray Lady".

While the ghost has been seen many times in the gardens, she has rarely been sighted in the house itself, although one witness reported seeing her leaving the house as he was walking back from the stable. The ghost reportedly gave the man a friendly smile before continuing on her way but not all of her antics have been as humorous.
According to some, Ann has also been responsible for pushing one man off the couch where he was sleeping and for the unexplained tendency of several pictures hanging in Maidstone's halls to be routinely switched around.

Maidstone is a private residence and is located in Calvert County on the southeastern shore of Maryland, banking off of Chesapeake Bay.

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