haunted new orleans




The house on Royal Street and the reported haunt of
Madame "Mini-Canal"

Located beyond the French Quarter, in the Marigny District, is another house that has been the scene of ghostly apparitions and terror. It is a two-and-a-half story structure right off Franklin on Royal Street and while it may not be as famous as the Lalaurie Mansion or the Beauregard home... it is certainly just as haunted.

The story really begins around the turn-of-the-century when the house on Royal Street was owned by a great Creole lady named Madame Mineurcanal. She was not a famous person, or even a well-known one and in fact, her identity would probably be forgotten today if she had not taken her own life in the Royal Street House. One afternoon, for reasons unknown, she climbed the stairs that lead to the third floor and then hanged herself from an overhead beam. Before doing this, she also killed her beloved companion, a small white dog.
This was the end of Madame Mineurcanal.... or so it seemed at the time.

The house was reported haunted for many years, but the first real documentation came shortly after World War II when the house was sold (cheap... because it was haunted) to the grandparents of a man known only as Ramon. He lived in the family with his grandparents, parents and his sister, Teresa.
Ramon always remembered when he and his sister would get into trouble, they would be punished by being forced to sit alone on the staircase to the third floor of the house. He recalled that each time he sat there, he would always see a woman that he didn't know walking down the stairs. He described her as being very Creole-looking and wearing a white dress. He also said that she was always accompanied by a little white dog.
Terese saw the woman the most and started calling her "Mini-Canal". She had no idea why... this just seemed a good name for the ghost. Everyone started calling her that, including a cousin who was visiting the house and started making fun of the idea that the place was haunted. He was walking around the house singing "Mini-Canal" over and over again and thoroughly enjoying himself. Later that night, after going to bed, the boy began screaming in his room.  When the lights were turned on, his cheek was found to be bright red... as though someone had slapped him!

The hauntings continued to a point that everyone in the house saw, or was affected by the ghost. Ramon's father climbed into bed one night and turned to embrace the woman beside him... only to find that it was the phantom. The children's grandmother was in bed one night when she heard an aunt's baby crying. She went into the child's room and saw a woman bending over the crib. She thought it was the baby's mother.... then she realized that she could see right through the woman. Teresa and Ramon's mother, pregnant at the time, had an encounter with the ghost and nearly lost her baby.

Other family members reported more strange phenomena like cold spots and moaning sounds and even the sound of a dog barking in the attic of the house. When they would go to check, of course, they would find nothing.

Is the house still haunted? I have no idea. There are no recent accounts of phenomena there, strange or otherwise.