Amery, Wisconsin

Located just outside of Amery, Wisconsin is an old Lutheran church that dates back to 1870. It was in this year that the first Norwegian settlers came here to worship. The old traditions were held in this church for decades and services were not even held in English until 1941. But that isn't the only thing that makes this church different.... the church has it's own phantom congregation and they hold their own private services in the darkest hours of the night.

There have been many witnesses to the sounds of the spirits inside of this church, from members of the usual congregation to the pastor. Hushed voices and whispers have been traced to coming from inside the walls of the building and quiet voices can be heard coming from the wooden pews.

In 1981 , the bell of the church began ringing on it's own when no one is in the building. The first person to realize this startling event was the church's pastor, the Reverend Elizabeth Robinson. She heard the bell ringing while she was in the church's parsonage across the street. She investigated and thoroughly searched the building, finding no one inside.

Since then, the bell has rung quite frequently on it's own....leading many to believe that a congregation from long ago is still lingering in this remote country church.

Amery, Wisconsin is in Polk County in the far northwest region of the state. The church and cemetery is located on a hill about five miles outside of town.


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