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Perhaps the strangest landmark in all of Arizona is located in the town of Lake Havasu. It is here that the fabled London Bridge now spans the water. In the early 1960ís, officials in Great Britain began to realize that the famous bridge was beginning to sink into the River Thames thanks to the increased weight of modern traffic. In 1962, the span was put up for sale and an Arizona developer named Robert McCulloch quickly purchased it.

The bridge was dismantled and the stones were coded with numbers to indicate how they were to be put together again. They were loaded onto boats and shipped halfway around the world to Long Beach, California. At that point, they were trucked into Arizona. Like a jigsaw puzzle, 40 craftsman worked from the coded diagram and the original 1824 plans to put the bridge together once more. It took more than four years to construct it and in October 1971, the bridge was dedicated by the Lord Mayor of London.

Today, London Bridge remains a unique and unusual attraction. Under and around the arches is an authentic English village with shops and pubs and even a double-decker bus and a red telephone call box. And this is not apparently all that Lake Havasu has imported from England... apparently, a few ghosts came along as well!

During the dedication ceremony, one woman noticed four figures strolling across the bridge. As they were dressed in old-fashioned British clothing, she assumed that they were in costume for the event. They were pointed out by other onlookers, before abruptly vanishing!

As time has passed, these British ghosts are still occasionally seen. The most common reports of them involve a man and woman who are spotted walking across the bridge, seemingly unaware of their surroundings. Perhaps to them, they are still crossing the bridge in another place and time! Regardless, those who try to approach the phantoms find that the ghosts simply disappear.

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