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Located in Baltimore is a private residence with a rather chilling ghost story associated with it. The area of Locust Point, as it was called many years ago, was located near Fort McHenry and was in a block between Fort Avenue and Clement Street.

The people in the neighborhood had long believed the house to be haunted, but shortly after the end of the Civil War in 1865, residents of the house began relating some very strange stories about the house. It was believed to be haunted by the ghost of an Englishwoman who lived there and who had starved to death in the house. She had come from a good family but had married beneath her and when her husband left her with nothing, she was too proud to ask anyone for help. She was eventually found dead with her two small children lying dead in her lap. They had all been seated in a rocking chair near a window.
Shortly after her death, neighbors started noticing noises coming from the house and occasionally caught a glimpse of the Englishwoman's ghost in the window, slowly rocking back and forth. This went on for some time and everyone who moved into the house quickly moved out.

In about 1865, the Boidie family moved in and they became immediately aware of a hostile atmosphere in the house. There was a cold spot located over the third step on the staircase and if anyone tried to take a lamp past it, it would suddenly be snuffed out. They also heard crying that echoed through the house at night and the sound of what they described as " a billy-goat running over loose planks on a bridge". They also reported strange chills and breezes and the sound of a rocking chair creaking back and forth upstairs.... even though there was no rocking chair in the room.

A short time after the family had moved in, one of the children came down with typhoid, a common ailment in Baltimore at that time. The boy was very sick and segregated in a room on the ground floor. One night during dinner, the family heard the sound of a scream and then a sharp blow. They rushed into the boy's room and he said that he had been slapped by a lady. On his cheek, was the red imprint of a hand!
At other times, the ghost slapped other members of the family.... although no one ever learned why.

By this time, they had had more than enough of the house and as soon as the boy could be removed from quarantine, they moved out. The house still stands today, although the old brick has since been covered with stucco that was painted to look like stone.

The house at Locust Point is now a private residence in Baltimore, Maryland.

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