Ghosts of the Prairie


Gary, Indiana

This strange and frightening phantom has been making appearances in the old Gary neighborhood of Cudahee for many years. She is usually seen near Fifth and Cline Avenue. Years ago, Cudahee was made up of mostly Mexican immigrants who came north to find work in the steel mills. Many people believe that the legend of La Llorona came with them....

The original story tells of a young widow who lived with her sons in a small town near Mexico City. It seems that she fell in love with a young nobleman who refused to marry her because of her children. The woman went mad and one night she savagely murdered her children. She ran to her lover to tell him what she had done but he was repulsed and frightened by her and threw her out of his house.

Now completely insane, she roamed the streets, her children's blood on her hands and dress, weeping and screaming. Before she could be apprehended by the authorities, her body was discovered face down in a pool of muddy water.

For hundreds of years, the story of the bloody, woman in white has been told in Mexico City and she was called "La Llorona, the weeping woman". Some believe this spirit came north with the immigrants but others believe the Mexican population simply gave the name of their legend to a ghost that already existed in Cudahee.

They claim that the ghost is actually that of a woman whose children were killed in an auto accident in the early 1930's. After their funeral, she returned to the spot many times and wandered the area crying for her children. She died, completely insane, many years ago, but her spirit still continued to wander.

Despite the frequent sightings of La Llorona, she has remained an elusive ghost. Many researchers and investigators have tried in vain to track her down but she remains one step ahead of them, still roaming the night, crying over the loss of the children whose blood still stains her hands.

La LJorona has been reported in the Cudahee section of Gary, Indiana in the northwest comer of the state. She is most often seen near the comer of Fifth and Cline Avenue.

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