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The photo above (and its enlargements) were submitted by Kathy Harlow, a long-time member of the American Ghost Society and an Area Rep for Indiana. The photo was taken in Greenlawn Cemetery in central Indiana in October 1998. Below are the summarized details behind the photo:

In February 1998, Kathy and Sandra Johnston, another AGS member, traveled to Greenlawn Cemetery for a look around. At around 10:00 in the evening, they began exploring the cemetery. If not for the fact that Sandra had a very intense and claustrophobic feeling near two crypts, they might have never realized that something strange was taking place that night. Sandra called to Kathy and she came over to experience a very pungent, rotting odor around the graves. In moments however, the odor changed. "As we stood there for a few minutes, the smell turned into a pungent, floral smell, like a funeral parlor," Kathy described it to me. The smell went back and forth for several minutes before it finally dissipated.

Sandra's photos that were taken during the experience revealed a large, misty area and Kathy's captured an orb in motion and several odd shapes. They were unable to dismiss them as weather or light related. There were no light nearby and the night was a balmy 56 degrees, thanks to the "el Nino" weather pattern of the time. It was a clear night with no humidity or rain and no clouds in the sky.

A second investigation of the site in March 1998 also revealed orb photos around this same part of the cemetery. The investigators also experienced battery drainage to their cameras and flashlights and strong electro-magnetic field readings around these same crypts.

The photo above was taken during an investigation in October 1998. Kathy and Sandra were again present, along with two other researchers. The photo was taken around 10:30 pm. Kathy was using 1000 ASA film in a Pentex camera with time exposure, a wide angle lens, stopped to around 6. The camera was on a tripod and fitted with an extension shutter release so that the camera would not move. The light in the cemetery was such that Kathy kept the shutter open between 15-18 seconds per photo. The camera was placed on the tripod so that it focused on the same portion of the cemetery where previous phenomena had been reported. The weather was again nearly ideal with no clouds, a quarter moon shining and no humidity.

While this area was being monitored, thermal scanners detected about a 15 degree temperature drop. At this point, Kathy snapped the photo above. At the time it was taken, there was no one else in the cemetery, save for the investigators, and all of them were standing behind Kathy when she took the photo. Regardless, it appears that "someone" else was there that night!
Below, are enlargements of a portion of the photograph:

Photos Copyright 2001 by Kathy Harlow.
All Rights Reserved.

The enlargement above and to the left shows a segment of the cemetery that appears in the center right of the main photo at the top of this page. There, to the right of the large tombstone appears to be a ghostly figure!

The image to the above right is a further enlarged section of the photo in which the image is even more apparent. This photo has not been altered or enhanced in any way!

"I don't know of any reason why this area would have activity," Kathy writes. "There does not seem to be any adverse history in this cemetery, or anything involving the people in the crypts. There are a few graves that have fallen over nearby, but just due to age, not vandalism. There is also a creek nearby, but it is several hundred yards away."

But is the cemetery haunted? It certainly seems that some of the occupants are lingering behind. But what do you think? You be the judge!

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