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The town of Kennebunkport is a scenic and picturesque town along the southwest coast of Maine. The town attracts numerous visitors and tourists each year, which is ironic, as two of the haunted places here are inns.

The Shawmut Inn is also located in town and has its own ghost. Although no one really knows for sure who this prankster spirit might be, he certainly makes his presence known. Employees and guests frequent report that items move about or go missing in the house with no explanation. Usually, these items include room keys around the front desk and personal belongings in the room. Don’t worry if you plan to stay there sometime though... these items never stay gone for good!

The Captain Lord Mansion is another haunted inn. This house was built by Captain Nathaniel Lord in 1812. It was constructed by workers from the captain’s shipyards, but he did not live long enough to move into it. The ghost is thought to be the Captain’s wife as she has been seen in early 1800’s clothing, appearing and vanishing in the Lincoln Room. This room was originally called the "Wisteria Room", but it was changed as this means "Remembrance of the Dead". Guests who are staying in this room often encounter the spirit’s presence and she has also been seen on the spiral staircase which leads up to the eight-sided cupola on the roof.

The house stayed in the Lord family up until 1972, when it was sold and turned into a boarding house for elderly ladies (one has to wonder what they thought of the ghost!). It was sold again in 1978 and this time was remodeled into a bed and breakfast inn. The ghost is still reportedly haunting the place today.

Kennebunkport is located in the southwestern part of Maine, along the Atlantic coast. There is also a 1791 bed and breakfast in the nearby town of Kennebunk that is reportedly haunted. It is called the Kennebunk Inn and is said to be haunted by Silas Perkins, a former owner.

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