Ghosts of Kemper Center?

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David Schmickel, of Kenosha Wisconsin, submitted this ghostly photograph taken at Kemper Center, a former girls' boarding school.

Several stories surround the old buildings. A young nun committed suicide by jumping off the rocks into the lake,  a young girl jumped from the tower after being forced to leave a boyfriend at home to attend the all-girl school. A nun fell down or threw herself down the stairs in the observatory tower.

The hooded figures are in the window, next to the observatory tower.
Schmickel believes his images may be the infamous ghosts of Kemper Center. The school opened October 4, 1871 and closed in 1975.

Notice that these figures in the windows are also in the shape of hooded figures  that perhaps resembles the clothing that the nuns wore when they died in the building. The center photographic enlargement clearly shows another figure in the window directly above the hooded figures. Is this yet another ghost or ghosts?

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