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Another baby Photo


The Photo above was submitted by Helen Sievers, the American Ghost Society Representative for New York State. The baby in the photograph is Helen's daughter at the age of 9 months (she is attractive and in her 20's now if that's any indication of long ago this photo was taken!)

The glare that you see in the lower right of the photo (left side) is obviously the glare from the flash of the camera as it reflects in the sliding glass door.... however, I do not believe that the image that appears on the left side of the photo was caused by the flash. It does not appear to be a refraction on the camera lens (as many "orb" photos actually are)... the anomalous area appears to have multi-dimensional qualities and has a shape unlike that of camera flare.

It also does not appear to be a reflection on the glass as the body of the baby stands between the glass flare and the anomalous image.

There does not appear to be an explanation for this image.

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