spirit photographs


These two photos were submitted by Arthur Richards. They were taken at an undisclosed location in southern Illinois where the family that has been living on the property has claimed it to be haunted for many years. It is believed to be a Native American Burial Site.

Arthur writes: "The people who live here are smack on top of a Native American Burial. mound. The people claim they would like to rid the place of ghosts.... I'm not sure that they can rid a place of its spiritual activity that has been around since the 1600's or 1700's, or possibly ever since the beginning of recorded time.

"I get pictures of this nature every time I go down there, it's only about a ten minute drive from my home. The last time I went, I could actually see dark and shadowy figures moving around me... it was quite an exciting feeling.

"I have no explanation for these globes and clouds or cloud-like forms.... possibly they are guardian spirits of the place as there was absolutely no ground fog that night."

One of the photos above shows an apparitional form moving along the road near Arthur's truck. He did state to me that the truck was not running, so this could be an exhaust cloud in the air. He also stated that there was no fog that night and he saw nothing with the visible eye.

The other photo shows an intense formation of energy in a cloud, or ectoplasmic form. While it shows no exact shape, the formation seems to give off an energy that glows. It was not seen with the naked eye, but the camera did manage to capture it.

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