Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Arkadelphia is located about seventy miles southwest of Little Rock in the southwestern portion of the state. For many years, there were two colleges in the city that were great rivals, the Ouachita Baptist University and Henderson Brown College (which is now Henderson State). Henderson was a Methodist college and it was located right across the street from the Baptist school.

A number of years ago, there was a young student at Henderson who fell in love with a girl from rival Ouachita. They spent all of their time together, despite the disapproval of their friends, and fell in love. The constant harassment of the boy's friends must have wore on him constantly, because at one point it finally became too much. They convinced him that because of the differing schools, and their religious differences, the relationship was never going to work out. At last, he broke things off, much to the dismay of the girl.

After a little while, he began dating a girl at his own school and he seemed to forget all about his Baptist lover.... but she had not forgotten about him. When she discovered that he was taking this new girl to the homecoming dance she became despondent and committed suicide.

Now every year during homecoming week, the spirit of this young girl is said to haunt Henderson College, roaming the female dorms here and searching for the girl who stole away the boy that she loved. The students call her the "Lady in Black" and is seen at least once every autumn.

Henderson College is located at 1100 Henderson Street in Arkadelphia.

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