Ghosts of the Prairie


Indianapolis, Indiana

In the Summer of 1997, I had the good fortune to be able to conduct paranormal investigations at several schools in the Indianapolis area which where alleged to be haunted. I have agreed, as a condition of the investigations, to keep the exact locations of these schools confidential.

The first building associated with the school district that we investigated was once used as a Quaker Meeting House. This building was unusual in the fact that it was a frequent stop by police officers who patrolled the school district because of the triggering of the building's alarm system. It seemed that the interior alarms in the building would often be activated, even though the exterior alarms would never go off. Could something unseen walk the hallways of the otherwise empty building?

The next location was an elementary school building that was said to be haunted by the ghost of a former principal. He had passed away there from a heart attack and it was said that he still walked the halls.

A number of the overnight staff and maintenance workers have reported strange occurrences in the building including lights turning off and on, doors slamming and even footsteps and unexplainable sounds. Some paranormal photographs were obtained by investigators at the site and they can be viewed elsewhere on this website.

The last building was a high school that had faced more than it's share of tragedy in the past. A brutal murder took place there in 1972 when a disturbed girl shot her brother to death on the school's front lawn but this has no relation to the school's resident ghost.

This spirit is said to be that of a girl who was killed in an auto accident outside the school in 1979. Since that time, she has been seen walking the corridors of the building in the wee hours of the morning. One maintenance worker who spotted her had no idea that he was looking at a ghost until she walked into a hallway that was locked at the other end. He waited for her to come back out and when she didn't he went around the corner to look. She had vanished and there was no other way out of the hall except past him! The theater here in the school is also said to be haunted and during our investigations, we actually observed a spring-loaded seat lower into a sitting position.... as if someone unseen had just settled in to watch a performance!

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