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Plymouth, Indiana

The Hayloft Restaurant in Plymouth is a rather unique restaurant in a state that features a number of unusual eateries. The Hayloft was originally built in the 1800's, but until the early 1970's it was not a restaurant at all, but a functional barn. The Hayloft is not a rustic and popular eating establishment, but it does boast one other thing that many other Indiana restaurants do not.... it's own resident ghost.

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The Hayloft Restaurant in northern Indiana (photo courtesy of Mark Marimen)

The owners and the staff of the Hayloft did not become aware of the fact that the Hayloft was haunted until around 1989. For some reason, the ghost started to make his frequent appearances at this time.

Since the beginning, the spirit has taken it upon himself to move objects about the restaurant, sometimes knocking things over and sometimes making them disappear altogether. He also turns up every once in awhile, looking just like an old Indiana farmer. He is often described as a middle-aged man in bib overalls and the living occupants of the building are aware when he is near thanks to a particular earthy odor that some have described as smelling like "burning wood".

The staff here believes that the old farmer may have some sort of unfinished business in the barn.....but what that business might be remains a mystery.

Note: Since this short piece originally appeared on the website back in 1998, the Hayloft Restaurant has tragically burned to the ground and is no more. It is strange that witnesses who allegedly encountered the ghost here all state that he seemed to give off an odor of "Burning wood". Could this have been an omen of things to come for the place? (Troy Taylor / 2002)

Plymouth is in northern Indiana at the junctions of Highways 30 and 31. The restaurant is located on the edge of town.

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