Ghosts of the Prairie
History & Hauntings of America


The American southwest is a magical and wonderful place and no state holds as many strange tales and mysteries as that of Arizona. The state is home to some of our greatest natural wonders and to some of our greatest mysteries as well. In the pages ahead, we will discover lost mines, ghostly cowboys, haunted hotels, violent stories of murder and bloodshed, mystery creatures and of course, a myriad of haunted locations that can be visited by the brave and curious ghost hunter!

Arizona's Haunted Hotels
Some of the spookiest lodging in the Southwest can be found in the hotels of Arizona!

The Lost Dutchman Mine
One of the greatest, and most haunting mysteries of the American Desert centers around the Superstition Mountains of Arizona!

Haunted Jerome
Once known as the "Wickedest City in the West", this former mining camp is now a haunted "ghost town"!

Spirits of Tombstone
An excerpt from Troy Taylor's book "No Rest for the Wicked" uncovers the ghosts of a town too tough to die!

Mysterious Sedona
No collection of strange stories from Arizona would be complete without a look at the mysteries of this red rock city!

Ghosts of Fort Huachuca
The former home of the "Buffalo Soldiers" now plays host to ghosts of the western frontier!

Navajo County Courthouse
The ghost of the first man legally hanged in the county continue at the old courthouse and jail!

Ghosts of the Yuma Territorial Prison
Do prisoners from the past still linger at this frontier prison?

Haunted Tucson
The spirits of yesterday still haunt this part of old Arizona!

The Haunted Museum Club
Ghosts & Spirits of a landmark along old Route 66!

Ghosts of Old London in Arizona?
Great Britain's famed London Bridge found a new home in the Arizona desert.. but did the ghosts of England accompany it to the colonies?

Spirits of the Grand Canyon
Hauntings of yesterday still linger at one of America's most spectacular natural wonders!

The Mysterious Thunderbird Photo
One of the great unsolved mysteries has its roots in Arizona!

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