Searcy, Arkansas


This music building of this Arkansas college is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who still plays music here... despite the fact that she has been gone for nearly seventy years.

The girl was a music student at the college in the early 1930's and she met and fell in love with a young man who also attended the school. A short time later, the young man was tragically killed in an automobile accident while coming home late one night. His lover was despondent and according to students who attended the college at the time, she spend many long hours playing the piano on the third floor of the music building. Despite the attention and concern of her friends, she rarely left the room, choosing instead to play sad and melancholy pieces of music over and over again.

Sometime later in the semester, the girl passed away. No one remembers why she died, or from what, although many claimed that it was from a broken heart. Soon, students and staff members reported hearing the sound of a piano being played on the third floor very late at night. When they went to investigate, they would find no one there and the room silent and empty. Most believed that the young girl had returned from the grave to play her music in memory of her lost love.

Many years later, the music building was torn down and replaced with the newer, more modern building that stands today. Occupants of the building still report being on the second floor and hearing the strains of a piano coming from overhead.... even though there is no third floor on the new building!

Harding College is located in Searcy, Arkansas, which is fifty miles northeast of Little Rock.

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