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Omaha, Nebraska

Strange rapping noises, a pounding on the door, footsteps banging about the house....
All the signs of a classic haunting!

John and Bridget O'Hanlon moved into their home in a quiet neighborhood of Omaha in 1887. It was not long after that strange things began to happen in the house. It usually began with a rapping at the front door. Whenever the residents would go to look and see who was knocking, there was never anyone there. Soon, the polite rapping turned into a steady pounding, a sound that seemed as if someone was trying to break down the door. It ould sometimes be so intense that it would shake the walls of the house.

The pounding was followed by more disconcerting events. Soon, the door would be flung open as if someone had managed to break it open with the incessant knocking. Disembodied footsteps were heard in the hallway, the parlor, the kitchen and every room in the house until it vibrated with the sounds of marching feet.
Then the screaming and moaning began... an eerie wailing that came from the cellar beneath the house. Dishes flew from the cabinets, chairs flew across the room and total chaos ruled the house.

Needless to say, the O'Hanlons were a little shook up by this. They have moved into the house, despite the rumors that had circulated about the place... stories that indeed seemed to be true. Their new house was haunted!

Legend had it that a peddler had been murdered there years before and his body secreted somewhere in the cellar. Five years before, when repairs were being made on the place, a human skeleton had been discovered. Shortly after this body was disturbed, the footsteps began and after that, few families stayed in the house for very long. Workmen who had been hired by John O'Hanlon quit after working there for only one day. The place was haunted, they said, although John refused to believe it until he and Bridget moved in
Needless to say, they moved out after a very short time in their new home.

The O'Hanlon House is now a private residence in the Omaha Heights section of Omaha, Nebraska.

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