St. Paul, Minnesota

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The Hamm House, under renovation in St. Paul

The current owners of the William Hamm house, of Hamm's Brewery fame, have had a connection with the old mansion that has dated back more than twenty years. Even before they bought the place, they had a strange attraction to it. Could spirits from the past have baen seeking someone to restore the place? Karin and Rich DuPaul are the current owners of the house and they are convinced that the place is haunted. They believe that the house itself, right down to the very wood and stone of the place, contains a spirit that somehow influences what happens there.

They did not exactly fall in love with the place at first sight, either. The mansion was a dilapidated ruin when they first looked at it and they knew it would take a monumental effort to restore it. But something about the house attracted them and they couldn't get it out of their minds.

After finally deciding to buy the place, they realized that there was something strange about the place. One night they were still in their former home and both Karin and Rich got the terrifying feeling that they should go to the Hamm mansion.... they couldn't explain it, it just an urgent need to go there. When they arrived, they found that the water pipes had burst and water was dripping everywhere. Their coming to house averted a very expensive disaster.

On another night, after moving in, Rich was shaken awake by something. He felt the urge to go down to the basement and was shocked to find several cardboard boxes that had been stacked next to the chimney were smoldering. The furnace had not been working and they had been using the fireplace for heat.

Do the strange events bother the DuPauls? Not according to them, in fact, they believe that the living and the dead can easily co-habitate..... you just get used to one another, they say.

The Hamm Mansion is a private residence on North Greenbrier Street in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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