spirit photographs

Haunted Nicholson Mansion
Indianapolis, Indiana


These photos were taken by Troy Taylor and Kathie Jones while on an investigation of this house in Indianapolis, Indiana in the late summer of 1997.

The Victorian home received publicity earlier that year when it was moved from it's former location, for preservation purposes, and taken by tractor trailer to this site in suburban Indianapolis. A photograph that was taken by the local newspaper seemed to depict a person looking out the window of the house while it was being moved. Needless to say, the house was checked for occupants before it was moved.

We received permission to investigate the house and had two separate encounters with something unexplainable during the investigations. The details of this investigation are chronicled in Troy Taylor's book Confessions of a Ghost Hunter.

These photos were taken about 40 minutes apart, with the first being taken before the investigation began. Strangely, the second photo, showing some energy activity outside the house, was taken while members of the team were inside the house and experiencing paranormal activity!

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