The most popular "Halloween" attraction in Clark County, Arkansas must be the "Gurdon Light", a mysterious phenomena that has been appearing here for generations. Over the last several decades, hundreds of witnesses have observed the light. It has been seen on local television stations and has been photographed by students at  nearby Henderson State University. There is no doubt that the light exists.... although what it is and what legends are behind its existence remains to be seen.

Gurdon, Arkansas is located on south of Little Rock and is a small, sleepy little town of only about 2,000 people. It is said that many of the local people have Gurdon have seen the "light" more than one hundred times in their life and while it is an accepted fact of this place, those same people still have no idea just how to explain why the light exists. There is a legend, which will come as no surprise to "ghost light buffs", that tells of a railroad worker who was working along a stretch of tracks outside of town. He accidentally fell into the path of an oncoming train and his head was severed from his body. Of course, the ghost of this railroad worker is said to walk the tracks at night and the "ghost light" is the light from his lantern as he searches for his missing head. The only thing that makes this story a little different from other tales of the "phantom brakeman" is that a real-life murder did take place here and may explain why the light was seen a short time later.

This light cannot be seen from the highway, so if you have plans to visit the place, be prepared to do some hiking! You must leave your car at the road and walk approximately two-and-a-half miles to reach the place where the ghost light has been seen. You will pass by two trestles before it is seen and and the spot is marked by a slight incline in the tracks and then a long hill.

According to Mark Evans, who provided this information to GHOSTS OF THE PRAIRIE, he has seen the light on several occasions. It is white and blue and sometimes orange in color and it has a very distinct border, almost as if it is shining through a plastic lens. It always sways back and forth and stays in motion, probably explaining why the legend of the railroad lantern was started. The light is frequently seen on the darkest nights and best when it is cloudy and overcast. The light never reflects off the tracks and because of its remote location cannot be a reflection from passing headlights or anything else that is easily explainable.

Gurdon, Arkansas is located about 75 miles south of Little Rock on Interstate 30 and is located just east of the Interstate on Highway 67. The location of the light is outside of town and along a stretch of railroad tracks. It takes at least a couple of hours to reach the location and exact directions may be obtained in Gurdon.

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