St. Paul, Minnesota

This elegant Victorian-style restaurant is housed in a building that was not always a restaurant. Years ago, it was a very fine home in St. Paul and a place that has had more than its share of tragic history... which may just account for the ghostly goings-on here.

The house was built in 1870 by a man named Joseph Forepaugh for himself, his wife and two daughters. His life in the house was far from happy though. His business life was always successful as he was the senior partner in the largest wholesale dry goods company in the Midwest but for some reason, at the age of 58, Forepaugh committed suicide. His body was found in a nearby park with a bullet in his head and the gun still clenched in his hand.

Some claimed that Forepaugh worried needlessly about his financial affairs, leading to his suicide, but others whispered that his death had more to do with an affair of the heart than money. And they may have been right.... upon learning of his death, one of the household maids, a young girl named Molly, also killed herself. She was found hanged from an overhead light in an upstairs room. The other servants in the house believed that Molly and Forepaugh had been having an affair and the man killed himself realizing that the two of them could never be together.

Many believe that it may be Molly's ghost who has come back to haunt the place. Restaurant owner James Crnkovich recalled a special event at the place where the servers wore l9th century period clothing as costumes. As a waitress was setting up for dinner, an unknown woman in the same type of clothing (although not a dress supplied by the costume company) walked down a nearby hallway and disappeared. Staff members also talk of unusual events that happen with the customers and other employees like lights turning on and off in the basement, cold chills, strange noises and of course, the ghost of Molly.

Forepaugh's Restaurant is located in a historic neighborhood near downtown St. Paul.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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