St. Paul, Minnesota

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The Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul

Another of Minnesota's haunted theaters is the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul. If every good theater is supposed to have a ghost.... the staff at this theater would be happy to donate their resident spirit to another theater who doesn't have their own.

The haunting began in 1985 when the theater underwent some renovations. The removal of a false ceiling revealed that the theater had an additional balcony that no one knew about and it also uncovered a note to an old stagehand named Ben. It is this former stagehand who is believed to be the ghost that haunts the place... but who he really is remains a mystery.

Once the renovations started, so did the strange events. People in the theater began to experience inexplicable cold spots and started getting glimpses of a dark figure walking around. Puzzled stage set workers started discovering that their tools were moved around or missing and strangely, antique bottle of muscatel, which were always empty, started appearing mysteriously in unlikely places.

Many believe that the construction on the building has awakened the dormant spirit of an old stagehand. While "Ben", as the staff has nicknamed him, is not usually harmful or dangerous, one incident has staff members wishing that perhaps he would move on to the next world.

Two theater workers were walking in a work area backstage . They were no lights , so they were guided by flashlights only. Suddenly, a large chunk of ceiling plaster fell to the stage between them, narrowly missing both of their heads. They quickly directed their flashlights upward and saw a hazy figure moving in the catwalks, about 60 feet above. The figure abruptly vanished.

What makes this experience especially strange is that the ceiling in the theater is not made from plaster.... no one has any idea where the chunk of material may have come from. Theater workers also say that Ben is now alone in the building. While she has never been seen, there is also a ghost here named "Veronica" who is believed to be an actress who died many years ago. She makes her presence known by singing... which many staff members have heard echoing in the auditorium at night.

The Fitzgerald Theater is located in downtown St. Paul.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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