Superior, Wisconsin

This forty-two room mansion is located in the harbor city of Superior, Wisconsin, directly south of Duluth, Minnesota. In recent years, this Victorian mansion was turned into a museum and the ghost that haunts the place is often mistaken for a museum guide, as she often helps visitors to find their way around.

The "other" guides here, the human ones, dress in period costume as does the phantom. She has been known to help visitors find specific displays and then she simply vanishes. He presence is often noted because of a cold, damp chill that is in the air. There has been discussion over the years as to the identity of this ghost and it is believed that she may have been a servant girl in the house.

The Pattison family moved into the mansion in 1891 and lived there until 1918. They often sponsored Scandinavian immigrants to America by paying their passage to the country in return for a period of service at their home. It has been said that Martin Pattison was a very kind man and treated the immigrants more like members of the family than hired help.

According to reports collected by Dennis William Hauck, this ghostly servant girl is said to have been murdered by her husband, shortly after leaving the sanctuary of the Pattison home. It is believed that she has returned to Fairlawn Mansion because it was one of the only places that she knew happiness in her short life.

And if this lonely girl does haunt the house, she may not do so alone. According to the stories, the mansion once served as an orphanage for a period and apparently closed down in the 1950's or 1960's. Accounts say that the ghosts of two children are often seen and heard playing near the old swimming pool in the basement. Although no records exist to say that any children ever died in the house, some believe that they may have accidentally drowned while living at the orphanage. Records from that period have been sealed by the county.

The Fairlawn Mansion is located in Superior in the extreme northwestern corner of the state and can be found at 906 East 2nd Street.


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