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Emmitsburg, Maryland is located just across the border from Pennsylvania in a picturesque area of the state. The outline of the hills near this small town are rather breath-taking and the college buildings and structures easily be seen rising out of the landscape from the nearby highway. There is little here to make one think that the schools located here may be some of the most haunted colleges in the state.

Mount Saint Mary's College and Seminary in Emmitsburg was founded in 1808 and remains today the oldest independent Catholic college in America. There are so many ghost stories here that the college maintains files on the local ghosts and folklore.
One of the most popular tales involves the ghost of a former college president who died in 1839. He has since been seen wandering the campus and has been spotted following groups of students.
But the ghost of Reverend Simon Brute is no the most menacing phantom attached to the school's history. That story begins in 1973 in Room 252 of the residence hall. A priest who was living in the room reported that he heard strange noises there one night and when he left the room for a few moments and came back, the once tidy room was completely torn apart... the bed unmade, clothes strewn about and books and papers scattered all over the floor.
He first thought that some of his boys were playing a prank on him until lights started operating sporadically in the room and the television would turn on and off by itself at different times of the day. He finally moved out of the room.
Another priest unknowingly moved in and brought with him a pet cat. He soon realized that there was some sort of frightening energy in the room. It was the cat who noticed it first, sometimes (for no reason the priest could see) becoming very agitated and afraid. It would suddenly start hissing at the air and then go and hide beneath the bed. This happened several times, until he too moved to another part of the dorm.
According to campus legend, this room remains unoccupied.

Nearby is Saint Joseph's College, another Catholic college that was founded by  Mother Seton, a nun who was sainted in 1975. Apparently, her attachment to the college has lasted for many years. She is buried on the campus grounds and her ghost has been seen gliding along the hallways in her nun's habit. She is normally accompanied by a man carrying a doctor's bag. The figures are reported as being hazy, but looking very real and they usually do not disappear until they have rounded a corner or entered another corridor.
Students and staff members who have seen the spectral pair believe the apparitions have something to do with the fact that Saint Joseph's College was used as a hospital during the Civil War and the energy of death at that time has caused the impression of the nun, and a doctor, to be imprinted on the atmosphere of the place.

Emmitsburg is located north of Frederick, Maryland and at the junction of Highway 40 and Highway 140 near the Pennsylvania border.

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