When I first launched the section for ghost stories from Oklahoma on this web page, I was a little disappointed to find that there did not exist much in the way of documentation for the ghostlier aspects of the state. The section started off as pretty small, but it has managed to grow quite a bit over time as visitors to the site began to deluge me with stories.... many of which ended up being added to the page in one way or another. A number of the stories were familiar tales and many were short and were added to the first section in HAUNTED OKLAHOMA.
This was the first one, however, that was both long enough and hair-raising enough to merit a section all its own. Take a look at it and see how you like it.... or better yet, try to imagine yourself in the place of the unwitting house owners.... those unlucky enough to purchase the "most haunted house in Edmond, Oklahoma".

The lady who submitted this tale asked that her name and address remain confidential. Also, because the house is currently occupied, we have not released the address of it either.... although the police officers in Edmond have a long memory and they just might remember the place should you ever ask them!
Below is the text of the message a former resident of the house sent to me:

I wanted to write to tell you about my haunted home experience here in Edmond, OK. We moved into this rented home when my daughter, who will be 7 next month, was only about 2. I lived with my second husband, whom my daughter calls "daddy" and she was not familiar with her biological father at that time (this info will become pertinent in the next couple of paragraphs).

This house is in Edmond, Oklahoma, just 4 blocks south of the University of Central Oklahoma Campus in a beautiful, older tree lined neighborhood. I first got the strange feeling that something was wrong when I was driving my daughter around one day. I lit a cigarette (something that I'm not proud of, by the way), and my 2 year old daughter said, "Mommy, smoking is bad for you, you could die". Feeling crushed and embarrassed, I said, "Oh, no baby, neither of us is going to die for a very, very long time." My daughter replied saying "uh, uh mommy, I died a long time ago, and my dad was sad". Needless to say, I was at a loss. She was not familiar with the term "dad", nor did she ever call my husband "dad". It was ALWAYS daddy.

Things started getting really strange after that. She would look out of the kitchen window, which was very high from the ground, you couldn't see the ground out of the window from a child's perspective (I checked), and she would say, "Hi, puppy"...never did figure that one out. Then she would go out with my husband and I to the back yard point to the far corner of the yard and say "Baby, mamma, I wanna play with that baby"...I still get goosebumps, and have possibly figured out what she was referring to, but more on that later.

Other than these strange occurrences, life was pretty quiet. Then my husband and I separated. I would come home to little items, knick-knacks, etc., being out of place, nothing really weird, just lights on that I knew I hadn't left on and small things (statuettes, keys mislaid) out of place. Then the strangest thing that happened to us in the house occurred. I came home one day after work, let the baby play outside with the neighbor children, and went directly to the bedroom to call Mazzio's for a pizza. I walked through the living room, dining room, into the hallway and into the bedroom without ever seeing it. I'm talking to Mazzio's on the phone and I look up to see the attic entry way open. This is one of those old style attics that you had to push a 10 pound piece of plywood up six inches and then slide it over to gain access. There were no footprints or ladder marks in the carpet, but I whispered into the phone that I thought someone was in my house and I had to call 911, and I hung up. I called 911 and two very large policemen showed up in about 2 minutes ( I LOVE Edmond...grin). They searched the house, crawled into the attic and pronounced that it could have been a pressure change in the house (?) or my three year old nephew who had visited the day before pushing it up with a broom (again (?)). Nothing further occurred and we moved out soon after. But this is when the story gets good.

I went back to college at UCO and got a job dispatching at the University Police Department. I was working the night shift when one of my officers came in "cussing" a blue streak. I, of course, asked him what the problem was and he told me this story. A man had been calling the Edmond Police Department on numerous occasions stating that there was someone hanging off of his roof, looking in his dining room window and then he would hear footsteps in the attic. He had called at least 4 times that one day alone. My officer kept being called for back up and was getting cranky. I asked him if this was a case for the Oklahoma Mental Health people and he said, no, the guy was very young, had a young daughter and seemed to be very sincere. Then I asked the address...... You guessed it. My old house. I told my officer that this young man probably wasn't crazy and told him my story. Then, my officer had the Edmond PD Sgt. on duty call me, then dispatch called, and other officers came into my center to talk with me. I guess everyone loves a good ghost story!

I started researching soon after. I went to talk to this guy and we compared stories. They were remarkably similar except he had some more physical evidence than I had. Video tapes that had strange lights through the kitchen and dining room, also sounds that resembled footsteps he'd recorded on the tape. I found that the land that this house sat on in early Oklahoma history was what was called Old School Land, or land that the government owned and used for such worthy purposes as burying Native Americans, African Americans and indigent people. This land ran from the university back about 10 blocks. When I looked at this land I realized that this house sat at the very top of the hill on what was an old cemetery. I also checked to see if there were any deaths in that house with the proper Oklahoma authorities and they could not confirm, but the rumor in the neighborhood was that a death did occur in the house but it was over 30 years ago. We contacted a respected Edmond area psychic and she felt that there were at least five buried bodies on the property and at least three of them were children (I wanna play with that baby, mamma...). Of course, I couldn't confirm this without digging up the yard, but it seems to make sense. The man and his family moved out of the house within a couple of weeks of these occurrences.

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