The Shadowy History of America's Haunted Tunnels, Mines & Caverns

Down in the Darkness is the Third Book in the popular History & Hauntings Series by Author Troy Taylor. Other Entries in the Series include the Haunting of America and Into the Shadows.

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A chilling exploration of the dark side under America with strange tales of haunted passageways, spirited railroad tunnels, terrifying mines & ghostly caves! Includes haunted places that have never been in print before, as well as the author's own weird encounters while exploring caves, lost mines and abandoned mining camps! Join the author for the third book in his acclaimed History & Hauntings Series as he takes the reader deep into the earth for a chilling journey into the haunted past of mysterious tunnels, spirited mines and mining camps and ghost-infested caves. These dark tales travel to the darkest corners of America and include both famous and little-known locations -- as well as ghostly spots that have never appeared in print before! Prepare yourself for a journey into the darkness with tales and locations that include the lost passages and treasures of New England and the Southwest, bloody histories of haunted railroad tunnels, mine disasters that left spirits behind and Americaís most haunted caves! New stories include the authorís own first-hand accounts of searching for spirits in the mines and ghost towns of Utah, his journeys through the lost caves of St. Louis and much more!

Here's a look at a sampling of just some of the eerie places that you will find within the pages of Down in the Darkness:

Mysterious Caves & Tunnels - The Beehive Chambers - Goshen Tunnels - Ellenville Mystery Tunnels - Cave Valley Cave - Grand Canyonís Lost Egyptian City - The Tunnels of Victorio Peak - Legends of Wingate Pass - Lovelock Mystery Skeletons - Devilís Hole Cave - The Piasa Cave

Ghosts of the Bloody Pit - The Cowee Tunnel - Indianaís Big Tunnel - The Moonville Tunnel - Big Bend Tunnel & The Ghost of John Henry

American Mine Disasters - The Handprint at the Carbon County Jail - West Virginiaís Haunted Mines - The Grant Town Mine & Others - Specters of the Reed Mine & Ghosts of Gold Hill - The Milford Mine - The Haunted Ophir Mine - Haunted Mines in Colorado - The Mamie R Mine - Utahís Haunted Mines & Mining Camps - The Lady in White at Latuda - Winter Quarterís Mine - Cursed Mines of Utah & the Lost Josephine - The Mine of Lost Souls - Murdered Minerís Cache - Crazy Johnís Cache - Lost Mines & Tragic Spirits of Mountain Meadows - Montezumaís Treasure Cave

The Bell Witch Cave of Tennessee - Tipton-Hayes Farm Cave - Robberís Cave of Nebraska - Specters of Cave-in-Rock - Ghosts & Lost Treasure at Anna Bixbyís Cave - Lost & Haunted Caves of St. Louis - Haunted English Cave - Cherokee Cave - A Night in the Lemp Caverns - Wyandotte Cave - Marengo Cave - The Spirits of Mammoth Cave - Crystal Cave & the Ghost of Floyd Collins

Some of the most famous accounts of ghosts are associated with caves and the underworld so it comes as no surprise that Troy Taylor has finally put together a  collection of stories from the dark depths of the Earth. Down in the  Darkness gives the reader a guided tour of North Americaís haunted caves,  mines, and tunnels based on Taylorís personal experience, interviews, and  extensive research. Speleo-historians and cavers alike will find a wealth  of information contained in this book... There is nothing better than a good cave book when you just canít get  underground. This book should help get you through those desperate times.  Put on your helmet, turn down the lights, and enjoy a unique journey into  the dark, ghost-infested underworld. 
--Paul Steward, Author of Tales of Dirt, Danger & Darkness

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