An Important Message to the Weird Illinois Explorer about Trespassing:

The WEIRD ILLINOIS book and website are not intended as a guide to trespassing. As stated by our friends at WEIRD NJ, " we cannot control people who choose to break the law or to vandalize or destroy the places that we write about". The Illinois sites that are presented here are shown as local legends, unwritten history and haunted places that were collected during my travels around the state. Although the page and book are presented as a "travel guide", they are intended to be read with the knowledge that some of the places are private property, off limits and cannot be visited without (& sometimes with) permission.

This disclaimer serves the purpose of clearly stating that "trespassing is  illegal". Those who disregard this warning can, and often will, be arrested and charged. Trips to any of the locations featured here were undertaken as a personal choice of the reader and not at the instigation of the author. Troy Taylor, and WEIRD ILLINOIS, does not support trespassing, law breaking or any sort of act of vandalism.

Troy Taylor



Copyright 2004 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.