Ghosts of the Prairie


Dublin, Indiana

The town of Dublin is located in east central Indiana, lying peacefully along Highway 40. There was once a bridge that stood on Heacock Road, southeast of Dublin, that was known to residents as "Cry-Woman's Bridge". The bridge is gone now, but it's ghostly reputation still lingers.

The bridge is named after a woman who died here many years ago in an auto accident. She lost control of her car on a stormy night and it plunged from the entrance to the bridge and into the river below. Searchers found her body in the wreckage and they also found a baby's blanket and a pacifier in the car.... although there was no sign of the infant's body.

Shortly after the fatal accident, the ghost of the woman was seen on the bridge on rainy and foggy nights. She was said to wander back and forth, crying and moaning and begging aloud for someone to help her find her baby.

A young couple who were parked near the bridge one night encountered the woman and heard her scratching on the trunk of their car. They left the scene and later discovered deep scratches in the automobile's paint.

Dublin, Indiana is east of Indianapolis on Highway 40. The bridge is gone now but Heacock Road runs parallel of Highway 40 outside of town.

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