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See the Black Dahlia Below and Discover the mystery and hauntings surrounding the Death of Superman, George Reeves!

This section of the website -- "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" -- takes its name from books by author Troy Taylor, the first of which arrived in 2006, entitled Bloody Chicago. 

Some of the stories contained here will appear in the book.

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Welcome to our official site for "Dead Men Do Tell Tales", an unusual combination of history & hauntings associated with American Crime & Mystery. The reader will find all sorts of weird tales here, from horrible murders to mysterious vanishings. Not all of the stories will be ghostly tales but in every case, each of them was sufficiently strange to be included here anyway. I think you'll enjoy this macabre addition to our website and remember to keep checking back -- we'll be adding more gruesome tales in the future!

The Pearl Bryan Murder
Ghosts of Bobby Mackey's Music World

The Greenbrier Ghost
A Ghost Testifies of her Own Murder -- in Court!

St. Valentines Day Massacre
The Most Infamous Event in Chicago's Mob History

Bloody Benders
Tales of a Murderous Family from Kansas' past

Sausage Vat Murder
What Really Happened in the infamous Luetgert Case?

Lizzie Borden
Did She Really Take an Ax? History & Hauntings of this Famous Case

Thrill Killers
Leopold & Loeb -- The Shocking Crime and it's Aftermath

Bugsy Siegel
The Life, Death & Haunting of Hollywood's Favorite Gangster

The Murder Castle
H.H. Holmes - America's First Serial Killer & His "Murder Castle"!

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
Harry K. Thaw & His "Voices from Beyond"

Eastern State Penitentiary
One of America's Most Haunted Places!

This section of the website is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Short -- The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short (Corbis)

Discover the story behind one of history's great unsolved mysteries in this compelling feature about the life and brutal death of an American beauty -- and the chilling legacy left in her wake.

The Black Dahlia Murder

The Ghost Story 


Farewell to the Grimes Sisters
One of Chicago's Most Tragic Crimes -- And the Haunting Left Behind!

Franklin Castle
One of Ohio's Most Haunted Houses & the Tales of Murders that Made it that Way

Pemberton Hall
A College Dorm Haunted by a Suicide & Murder from the early 1900's

The Lake Club
The Haunted Gambling Club with a Ghost from the Past

Goat Castle
A former Mississippi Mansion Haunted by a Murder from Year's Past

Decatur Speakeasy
A Secret Drinking Spot from Prohibition Days becomes haunted by a Murder Victim from the Past

St. Mary's College
A Murderous Priest & The Events that Led to this Minnesota Haunting

Peace Church Cemetery
The body of an executed spree killer was laid to rest here -- but he does not rest in peace!

House on Ridge Avenue
"America's Most Haunted House?" or Was it Really?

Haunting of Al Capone
The Ghost that Followed America's Most Famous Gangster to the Grave

John Wayne Gacy
The Horrific Killings of the "Killer Clown" & the Supernatural Events Surrounding his Crimes

"Born to Raise Hell"
The Dark Life & Deadly Crimes of Spree Killer Richard Speck

America's First "Public Enemy"
The Life & Crimes of
Samuel Green

Albert Fish
America's Most Fiendish Killer -- whose crimes changed history forever!

Ed Gein
The Life & Crimes of Wisconsin's "Psycho" - Model for "Silence of the Lambs"

The "Dumb-Bell Murder"
The Crime of Ruth Snyder & Judd Gray

The Woman Who "Could Predict Murder"
The Strange Story of Waity Burgess

The Philadelphia Massacre
The Murders of the Dearing Family

Chicago's Bluebeard
Johann Otto Hoch -- slayer of as many as 50 Women

Roget House Horror
Strange New York Tale of Murder & A Haunted House

"House of Weird Death"
Chicago's Mysterious Wynekoop Mansion


Meriwether Lewis
Did one of America's Greatest Explorers commit Suicide -- or was he Murdered?

Dillinger: Dead or Alive?
The Mysterious death of Public Enemy No. 1

The Axeman's Jazz
The Unsolved Murders of the New Orleans Axeman

Was Judge Crater Murdered or did he simply vanish without a trace?

Hot Toddy
Who Killed Beloved Screen Actress Thelma Todd?

The Death of Superman
Mystery Surrounds the Death of popular TV Star George Reeves -- was it Suicide or Murder?

The Missing Teamster
What Happened to Famous Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa?

Belle Gunness
Was this Indiana Woman really a Prolific Serial Killer?

Whitechapel Murders
Could Jack the Ripper Have been an American? See the Most Famous Suspects

The Torso Killer
Who was this Mysterious Madman & How Did he Bring down "Untouchable" Eliot Ness?

The Vanished Heiress
What Happened to Dorothy Arnold & How did she Disappear Without a Trace?

Missing from the Internet?
Solve the mystery of reaching page one.
Is a Link Building Service the answer?

Ambrose Small
What Happened to the Flamboyant & Wealthy Theater Owner and does His Ghost Haunt the Grand Opera House?





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