This popular restaurant is located just west of Chicago and for many years has been rumored to be the home of not only great beer and burgers... but a ghost or two as well.

When David and Patrick Regnery bought this restaurant and bar in 1974, they soon learned that strange occurrences were the norm here. Customers and staff members complained of strange voices, slamming doors, and windows that opened by themselves. The two men, concerned that the place might be haunted, contacted a number of paranormal researchers and psychics about the building. In the end, it seemed the general thought that the ghost in the building was a young woman who had been killed in a car accident outside the bar in the late 1950's.

When David Regnery heard the story, he contacted the former owner of the restaurant, Richard Montonelli. The man confirmed the psychic's story, saying that indeed, a young woman has come into the bar back in 1958 and asked to leave her child there for the staff to watch.

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The owners refused and the women left the bar very upset. A short time later, news reached the bar that the woman had been killed in a car accident, although the child had been unhurt.

Over the years, the strange phenomena has continued and some even claim to have spotted the woman still lingering near a storeroom. Another witness was arriving at the bar one day when he noticed that a woman was beckoning to him from an upstairs window. He was surprised to learn later that there was no one in that room at the time.

Clarendon Hills is located just west of Chicago and can be reached by talking Interstate 294 and turning south on Highway 83. The address of the restaurant is 241 West 55th Street in Clarendon Hills.