Ghosts of the Prairie

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, is haunted by the ghost of a girl named "Helen". She was once a young coed and resident of Voorhees Hall who died during the influenza epidemic of 1918. Her spirit has now taken up residence inside of an old grandfather clock in the building where she once lived. It had been donated to the school by Helen's parents after hear death.

During the darkest hours of the night, Helen is said to leave the clock and play the piano in the parlor or climb the stairs to her old dorm room on the second floor. Late at night, the spirit is said to appear beside student's beds, slam doors and pull the covers off the beds.

Strangely, the clock was moved to Stuart Hall in the early 1970's and it is said that the phenomena has taken place there ever since.

Coe College is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and can be found on First Avenue Northeast.

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