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There is a bridge that is located near Hollywood, Maryland, along a road that is known as St. Andrew's Church Road, that crosses over a dark, swampy area. This place is home to two very different ghosts... although there is a tragic story to explain the origins of each.

One of the spirits is said to be that of a young woman whose husband had gone off to fight in World War II. She had been pregnant when he left, so after the war, when he sent her a message to say that he was coming home, was going to be his first chance to see his young son. One night, shortly after the war ended, she got a telephone call in the middle of the night. It was her husband, telling her that he was in Hollywood and that he was borrowing a car and would be coming home in a few minutes.
There house lay along old St. Andrew's Church Road and the woman was so excited at the prospect of seeing her husband that she bundled up the baby and started walking toward town, hoping to meet her husband along the way.
There is a bad curve in the roadway, just before the bridge, and the woman was walking around it just as her husband drove quickly around it from the other direction..... there was no way that he could stop. The young woman was killed instantly and the baby flew out of her arms and over the side of the bridge. His body was never found.
Since that time, especially on cold winter nights, people crossing the bridge often hear the sound of a baby crying and see a young woman running frantically back and forth as though searching for it. The cries of the baby seem to come from the waters below and the creek has been dubbed Cry Baby Creek over the years.

The other ghost on the bridge is said to be that of a black woman who jumps out of nowhere, right in front of cars that are passing over the bridge. She has been said to be the cause of several minor accidents on the bridge.
The story goes that there is the ruin of an old slave cabin near the bridge, all that is left of a collection of cabins that once stood on a nearby plantation. It was said that the man who once owned the plantation used the women here for more than just to work the house and fields.....
The cabin that still stands was once supposed to have been the home of several slaves and among them was a beautiful girl with a deep hatred for the master of the plantation. He had forced himself on her dozens of times, so she devised a plan. One night, when she was supposed to meet him in his bed, she killed him with an iron pan. She actually hadn't planned to kill him, but to only injure him and then run away. When she saw what she had done, she gathered her few belongings and ran into the woods.
The next morning, when the man was found dead, a posse was formed and the girl was hunted down and killed near where the bridge now crosses the swamp.
Many believe that the ghost of the black woman seen here is the ghost of the young girl... who never quite managed to escape.

The bridge can be reached by leaving Baltimore and driving south on Route 301 for 48 miles. When 301 merges with Route 5, stay on that road for 38 miles to Highway 4, which is St. Andrew's Church Road. Travel east about 3 miles to the bridge.

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