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This photograph was taken and submitted by Chris Kirby, one of the owners of the Bell Witch Cave near Adams, Tennessee. The cave and the Bell farm has had a very long history of hauntings and strange activity. The story of the haunting at the farm and cave can be found in Troy Taylor's book Season of the Witch.

The photo that appears above was taken near a sinkhole on the Kirby's farm that leads down into the depths of the haunted cave. The cave itself, while formed by water from limestone, is what is referred to by geologists as a "dry cave". This means that the cave, except for during flood seasons, remains relatively dry and does not have the common cave features that are formed by water like stalactites and stalagmites. I mention this to dispel the idea that this might be some kind of mist of wet fog that is emerging from the cave via the sinkhole. Many debunkers, who are ignorant and uninformed of the area and the cave's geology, have tried to dismiss this as mere fog.

This image could not be seen by the naked eye when the photo was taken. Some have suggested that they can see the image of a face inside of the ectoplasmic-like cloud but regardless the source of the "mist" remains unexplained. In 1997, the photo was submitted to the Kodak Laboratories and they had no explanation for it and could find nothing wrong with the film, negative or print that would debunk this image.

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