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Cape Elizabeth is a small town on the Maine coast, just a short distance from Portland and located out on a point of land that just out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Two of the most haunted houses along the coast are both private residences, but are stories that are liable to chill the heart of the most hardened listener.

There is a house in the town of Machiasport that is known as the Blaidsell House and it is unique in the annals of ghostlore, because it may just be home to the most witnessed ghost in supernatural history. The ghost first appeared in 1793 to Captain Paul Blaidsell and his wife Lydia. She appeared to be a young female spirit and when she first showed up, she immediately asked the Captain to fetch her father, a man named David Hooper. The Captain did as he was asked and when the puzzled man arrived, he identified the ghost as his daughter. He asked her many questions about the family, and personal ones that only his daughter would know, and he became convinced the spirit was really his deceased child.

Word of the haunting quickly spread and caught the ear of a Reverend named Abraham Cummings. He was sure the haunting was a fraud and he planned to expose the trickery. He arrived at the house and was stunned by what greeted him. Before his eyes, he saw a large rock levitate into the air and then turn into a mass of light before changing into the shape of a woman.

And that was not the last of it.... on one occasion, more than 50 people actually saw the phantom in the Blaidsell’s cellar, where they had gathered to hear her. The phantom passed directly through the crowd on other evenings too and would often make predictions and announcements... most of which seemed to come true.

Another haunted house, this one located in Cape Elizabeth, is Beckett’s Castle, a stone three-story mansion which was built in 1871 and belonged to a publisher named Sylvester Beckett. It is the publisher himself who is said to haunt this house and he has apparently been here since his death in 1882. One has to wonder if he is lonely, or somehow disturbed, as he usually makes his presence known by appearing in a bright blue form; generating icy cold spots; yanking the sheets and blankets off of beds; and refusing to allow a door that leads to a tower on the house to stay closed... even after this door has been nailed shut!

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