The History of America's Most Haunted Cemeteries
By Troy Taylor

Take a Journey to Places Where the Dead Still Walk!

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"Beyond the Grave"!

Join author Troy Taylor for what may be the most unsettling book about ghosts and hauntings that you have ever read! The strange chronicle spans the country with tales of ghosts, specters, vampires and death, collecting the dark history of the American graveyard... and the hauntings that have plagued many of these burial grounds for centuries!

Take a chilling journey through the spirited confines of the world's most ancient graveyards, then explore the dark side of death with a terrifying view of premature burial, grave robbery, desecration and vampires. Uncover tales of haunted grave markers and ominous statues of doom, then travel across America to the most haunted graveyards in New England, the South, the West and the Heartland! You'll never look at the local cemetery in the same way again!

Here's a Taste of What You'll Find in BEYOND THE GRAVE!

The Mysterious World of Graveyard Ghosts
The Haunted History of the Cemetery - The Catacombs of Paris - The Vampires of Highgate - The Horror of the Churchyard - America’s Garden Cemetery - Hitchhike Annie - Ghosts of Graceland Cemetery - Grave Markers and Tombstones - The History of the Mausoleum - Spirits in Stone - The Devil’s Chairs - Stones that Won’t Stay Still - The Uncooperative Gravestone - The Miracle Child of Chicago - The Face on the Tombstone - The Witch’s Mark of Bucksport - The Moving Coffins - The Blood-Stained Mausoleum - Voices from the Grave - The Flaming Tomb - The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery - Inez Clarke - Black Aggie of Druid Ridge

The Dark Side of Death
Buried Alive - Signs of Death - Premature Burials - The "Sleeping Medium" - Grave Robbery and Desecration - Body Snatchers - Necrophilia - Ghost of the Great Salt Lake - The Haunted President - The Ghost and the Gravestone - Ghosts of Fort Dearborn - The Common Burial Grounds - The Black Hope Horror - El Campo Santo Cemetery - Peck Cemetery - Gone to the Devil ! - Mystery of the Incorruptibles - The Italian Bride - Vampires in America - The Woodstock Vampire - The Demon Vampire - Vampires in Connecticut - Vampires in Rhode Island - Mercy Brown

The Lore of the Graveyard
Buried Alive - The Boyfriend’s Death and the Hook - The Graveyard Wager - Other Graveyard Legends - The Phantom Hitchhiker

Grave Mysteries
Haunted Graveyards from New England & the Atlantic Seaboard
-The Legend of Ephraim Gray - The Rehoboth Horror - Bara-Hack, the Village of Voices - The Courteous Ghost of Robert Erskine - Graveyard Ghosts of Washington - The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe and the Haunted Catacombs

Places of Rest
Haunted Graveyards Across the American South -Phantoms of the Aquia Churchyard - Legends of Memory Hill - The Graveyard Light of St. Simons Island - Lost Souls of Oakdale Cemetery - Kentucky’s Graveyard Ghosts - The Girl by the Grave - From A Steamboat to the Grave - The Kneeling Woman on the Gravestone - New Orleans’ Haunted Cemetery and the Queen of Voodoo

The Last Showdown
The Most Haunted Graveyards of the American West
- Graveyard Haunts of Hollywood - Hollywood Memorial Park and the Ghost of Virginia Rappe - Valentino, ghost of Paramount Studios - Father Padilla’s Bones - The Haunted Library and the Well-Read Graveyard Ghosts - Ghosts of Buckskin Cemetery - The Ghost Lights of Silver Cliff - The Albino Woman of Kansas - Stull Cemetery: A Gateway to Hell?

The Beckoning End
Haunted Graveyards of the American Heartland
- White Cemetery - Strange Legends at Stepp Cemetery - The Story of Stiffy Green - Mysteries of the Grave in Anderson Cemetery - The Gray Lady of Camp Chase - Athens, the Most Haunted Town in Ohio - Ghosts Under Main Street in St. Charles - Haunted Cemeteries of Illinois - The Asylum Graveyard - Greenwood, Where the Dead Walk - Mysteries of Williamsburg Hill - Chicago’s Cemetery Phantoms - Ghosts of Rosehill - Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago’s Most Haunted Place - Haunted Archer Avenue and St. James-Sag - The Ballad of Resurrection Mary

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"Beyond the Grave"!

Copyright 2001 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.