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The photo on the left was the original snapshot given to Troy Taylor, with an enlargement of the chilling image on the right. This is a photo that I have in my personal collection.

This is perhaps one of the strangest photos that I have in my collection.... not perhaps because of the image itself, because many of us have seen some strange shapes appear in photos over the years... but because of the story behind the photo. A number of different people have looked at this photo over the last two years and they have given me a number of different ideas, impressions and opinions about it. I'll tell you the story that was told to me.... and then I'll let you judge for yourself just how you want to feel about it.

The photo was given to me in person two years ago on the condition that I do nothing with it until two years had gone by. Even now, I will decline to release the names of the individuals in the photo or even where the photo was taken. What I will tell you is that the owners of the photo (shown here) are everyday people, with no interest in ghosts, and who have experienced more than their share of tragedy... some of which is connected to this photo.

The simple facts are these: The young woman in the right was graduating high school on the night this photo was taken. The man in the photo is her father and the baby is her daughter, born just a few months before. After this photo was developed, the family noticed the strange images that appeared in it, especially around the baby. They really didn't know what to think of them.... only that they were strange enough to make them want to keep the photo around. It was not until the baby died just two months after the photo was taken that the images came back to haunt them......

What does this mean? I have no idea... I can only tell you that I get a little chill every time I look at this photo and I can't help wondering if the image around the baby was there to help her.... or to harm her?

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