This is, without a doubt, the smallest section of photographs that exist, thanks to the fact that such photos are very hard to find and very hard to prove that they are not either hoaxes, or double exposures.

Courtesy of the GRS

This photo is courtesy of Jude Huff-Felz and was taken at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery near Chicago. The photo was taken with high-speed, infra-red film during a daylight investigation of the site. The cemetery was empty when the photo was taken and yet the figure of this woman appeared on the developed print. Despite the criticism's of some so-called "experts" this woman does not cast a shadow... although other objects in the cemetery do. This photo remains unexplained.

In most cases, I have come to believe that apparitions and full-bodied anomalies captured on film are more than likely residual hauntings. These "images" are very much like photographs (or at least movies) themselves, repeating their actions over and over again as they are merely bits on energy that have been imprinted on the atmosphere of a place. That is not to say that this is the case in all spirit photos. There are some very famous ones that may actually be what we refer to as "traditional" or "interactive" ghosts. There are a number of them available for viewing in our section on The World's Most Famous Spirit Photos.

Again, with this section, I will allow you to judge for yourself as to the authenticity of these images... however I will also tell you that these photos have been analyzed a number of times. So far, they have defied all efforts to explain them away.

This Polaroid Photo was taken in a mental institution in 1971 and has managed to avoid all attempts to explain it away. The images in the photo are not only chilling, but fascinating to look at! What do you think?

A photo just submitted from a 1998 investigation in Indiana that has defied all explanation. See what you think!

This photo, while not specifically an apparition, defies all attempts to explain it or the images it contains. Most have seen a definite shape to the image which appears near the body of an individual in the photo. As to what it portrays... I leave that up to you to decide.

These photos were submitted by David Schmickel, who is an authority on the history and hauntings of Kemper Hall in Wisconsin. The photos seem to portray the images of nuns looking out the windows of the abandoned building. What do you think? These are photos of Kemper Hall in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The photos seem to portray the images of nuns looking out the windows of the abandoned building. What do you think?

For more information about spirit photography and apparitions captured on film, see Troy Taylor's Ghost Hunters Guidebook

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