These photographs were taken during the November 19, 1996 investigation of a "Graveyard X", which is located in a remote area of Illinois. The temperature was near 38  degrees that night and these photos do not show humidity or breath being exhaled by a living person. This spirit energy was not visible when the photo was taken. The photo on the left shows an energy trail that seemed to start a short distance away from the photographer and near a stone decorative bench. The trail seems to loop upward and then come in closer to the camera, attached to a much more solid object. This photograph was taken by Troy Taylor and was submitted to the Kodak Laboratories for analysis. They could find nothing wrong with the film, print or negative to explain the anomalous images.

The picture on the right shows a ghostly mist that spreads across the entire frame of the photo. There are several more solid shapes in the mist.

More information, include details of the investigations conducted here, about "Graveyard X" are featured in Troy Taylor's book Confessions of a Ghost Hunter

These photos were taken also taken at "Graveyard X" in November 1996. The photo on the left shows a ghostly mist that seems to have taken some sort of shape  near the left side of the photo frame. Using a little care, one can almost pick out the  shape of a figure taking form out of the mist. The photographer in the background is  unaware of the mist as it was not visible when the photo was taken.

The photo on the right shows a portion of an anomalous energy field that has been  described as unformed spirit energy. Notice how the mist seems to become more solid as it nears the right side of the photo frame. This energy field was not visible when the  photo was taken.

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