For the first time, the complete investigations and history of "Graveyard X" are revealed in Troy Taylor's 2002 book,
Confessions of a Ghost Hunter!

"Graveyard X" appeared in a documentary filmed by the now defunct supernatural series, Adventures Beyond!



Two of the the dozens of bizarre and unexplained photographs that have been taken in this remote and secluded cemetery. Several of these photos were submitted to Kodak for examination and they could not be explained!


Over the past several years, I have probably received more requests for information about, and directions to, the elusive burial ground known as "Graveyard X" than I have any other site that I have investigated. It was from my investigations at this place that I first began to research more deeply the idea of "portals" and doorways between this world and another. I could find no other explanation for the strange events that had been reported here, the eerie happenings, the bizarre photographs and first-hand accounts. There was no reason for this cemetery to be haunted - and yet it was.

Graveyard X is not a place that you are going to find on any maps. It is a typical rural cemetery that is well hidden by curving back roads, thick woods and wind-swept fields of grain.  Over the years, I have visited literally hundreds of places that are alleged to be haunted, but by all indications, this may be one of the most actively haunted spots that I have been to. Strangely though, its history suggests nothing that would have made it become that way. It is located on land that once belonged to a local farmer. Prior to 1867, the graveyard was nothing more than a wooded section of his property. It did not become a burial ground until the internment of a small child took place there.

Since that time, there have been dozens of reports of strange photographs, mysterious cold chills, unexplained lights and the voices of children that have been heard echoing in the darkness. The voices literally come from nowhere. This eerie sensation was experienced by six independent witnesses that I spoke with and has since been verified by others as well. I should add that I have searched diligently for a logical explanation as to where this sound could be coming from but there are no houses near the cemetery - and why would children be playing and laughing near the cemetery during the early morning hours, when several of the witnesses have reported the sounds?

More than a year after I first began delving into the strangeness of Graveyard X, I returned there in the company of ghost researcher Bob Schott, who was filming an installment of the now defunct series "Adventures Beyond". We were accompanied to the graveyard by Tim Harte and Mike Hollinshead, creators of a sophisticated computer tracking system. The device was designed to take readings in an alleged haunted location and then analyze the gathered data and determine the nature of the haunting. The system reads changes in electro-magnetic fields, temperature changes, visible light, seismic vibrations and other areas. The experiments with this system are closely controlled and monitored with motion detectors and video cameras. To try and cover all of the possibilities with this experiment, we decided to do it using the computer system to monitor an old-fashioned sťance.

 According to the read-outs and graphs, there were things occurring in the cemetery during the sťance that could not be explained! These anomalous spikes and dips were totally out of the ordinary and showed severe fluctuations in electro-magnetic radiation that could not be explained by natural means. Even stranger still was the fact that these fluctuations were occurring in response to the questions asked by the sitters! It seemed as though some sort of intelligent energy was present in the graveyard.

"I couldnít explain why this was happening," Tim Harte later told me in an interview. "The readings were completely unexplainable. Whatever was going on, it seemed to occur at the same time the people at the table would ask a question. The computer would show a massive change then, pause for a moment, and then spike again. It was almost like something was answering."

In my opinion, something supernatural occurred that night in Graveyard X. Was it ghosts? I donít know, but whatever it was, I have never forgotten it. To this day, the graveyard remains a peculiar and curiously haunted place. The strangeness of the haunting is rivaled only by the fact that it really seems to have no reason to be haunted, and yet it is. Could this graveyard be a stopping point or "way station" between this world and the next? I have no idea, but I suppose it is as good an answer as any.

Read more about the investigations, the strange ghost lights and the startling photographs from Graveyard X in Troy Taylor's book Confessions of a Ghost Hunter!

Because of arrangements made with county officials and law enforcement professionals, the site of this cemetery is NO LONGER being made public. We are committed to trying to maintain the serenity and integrity of the cemetery and cannot take any chances that its location might fall into the hands of vandals or unscrupulous "researchers". The area continues to be under ongoing investigation.


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