Ghosts of the Riverbend Region

The Haunted Land Where the Great Rivers of the Mississippi, Missouri & Illinois Meet

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Author Mark Twain once referred to Alton as a "dismal little river town" but today, our city is designated by a more colorful description.. as one of the most haunted small towns in America! In his book HAUNTED ALTON, Troy Taylor uncovers nearly two centuries of history & hauntings from the Alton area - stories of death, murder, disease, violence, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad and of course, our myriad of ghosts and hauntings! Below is a sampling of tales from the book (there are many more!) but be warned - there are liable to have you looking over your shoulder after dark!

Based on the Book Haunted Alton by Troy Taylor! Click on the Book Cover for Info!

(Left) The McPike Mansion
One of Alton's Most Famous Haunts! The real history & mystery behind this haunted house!

(Right) The Mineral Springs Hotel
Forget what you may have heard! This is the true story behind the hauntings at this old Alton Hotel!

The Legend of the Piasa Bird
The Symbol of Alton and the Strange Legend that Surrounds it! Plus, a look at other Illinois Thunderbirds!

The Cracker Factory
One of Haunted Alton's Best-Kept Secrets!

The Enos Sanatorium
This former tuberculosis sanatorium and Underground Railroad Station is one of Alton's Most Active Hauntings!

The First Unitarian Church
One of Alton's Most Famous hauntings! The lingering spirit of the suicidal minister -- featured on TLC with Troy Taylor!

Milton School
Legends surround a real-life haunting at this former school

Lewis & Clark College
The ghost of Harriet Haskell, the former headmistress of a female seminary turned community college

The Mansion House
One of the oldest, and first-reported, hauntings in Alton!

The Hartford Castle
Lakeview -- A forgotten mansion turned speakeasy and it's eerie haunting

The Ghost of August Mayford
The vanishing of an Alton policeman and the strange haunting left behind

Spirits of the Civil War & Alton's Confederate Prison
The first penitentiary in the state of Illinois and the haunting left behind!

Ghosts of Hop Hollow Road
A forgotten roadway once used to transport the dead and the spirits who linger here

The Franklin House
Alton's first luxury hotel and the ghosts who still linger here today


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