Monticello, Arkansas

The Allen House in Monticello was built in 1900 by a prosperous Delta planter named Joe Lee Allen. The Allen family lived in the house until the 1950's, when it was converted into apartments. The house started to gain a reputation for being haunted in the 1940's when LaDell Allen, one of Joe's daughters, committed suicide in the house by drinking cyanide. The huge house was converted into apartments a few years later, mostly housing students from the nearby University of Arkansas.

A number of the tenants over the years claimed to have encountered ghosts in the building from a doctor who captured the reflection of a ghost in a mirror in his room to a young couple who said that they actually trapped in a ghost in a closet. This strange event happened in 1968 or 1969 when the couple and some friends noticed a closet door moving back and forth on it's own. They slammed the door shut, or tried to, encountering great resistance from someone inside the closet. Finally, they managed to close it and when they carefully opened it a few minutes later...they found no one inside.

Tenants also claim to have heard strange moaning sounds and the sounds of heavy footsteps on the upper floor, which was empty at the time. The police were summoned to the house, so realistic were the sounds, but they find no trace of a living person there.

In 1985, a gift shop was opened on the main floor of the house and shortly after opening, the owner noticed that strange things were happening. She would come in and find things knocked over and missing and some believed that the ghost of LaDell Allen was furious at the idea of her former home being used as a gift shop. The mysterious events are still unexplained.

One small side item about the house and it's ghostly events.... apparently they inspired a mysterious romance novel in addition to stories to chill the blood. A writer named Carolyn Wilson wrote her only book while living in the Allen house, a gothic novel called A Scent of Violets about (what else?) a scary and haunted mansion.

The Allen House is located in Monticello, Arkansas in the southeast corner of the state. The house is a private residence and not open to the public. Ghost Hunters who tried to do an investigation there several years ago were turned down by the owners of the house.

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