The American Ghost Society was founded in 1996 by author Troy Taylor.

The American Ghost Society is a national network of ghost hunters, authors, ghost enthusiasts and psychical researchers who conduct investigations into the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner. One of our main goals is to seek out allegedly haunted locations and to assist those who are experiencing problems with the paranormal. The group members then look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted. We are seeking genuine evidence and are careful about the presentation of this evidence... insuring that it is legitimate, researched and analyzed before being presented to the general public. By combining history with ghost research, we offer a unique approach to psychical research that few (if any) groups can offer.

The American Ghost Society is also different than other ghost hunting organizations because we are a tangible society and network, not just an internet mailing list. We are a real group with active members and investigators and provide a newsletter and a private discussion list for members to interact and to share notes on ghosts, hauntings, current research, investigations and more. However, as of 2012, we are no longer
accepting new memberships from the general public. At this time, only current members in good standing have membership in the organization. The only new members that we will allow are those who have completed the Ghost Research Home Study Course that is offered by Troy Taylor. Graduates of the Course are Awarded with a Certificate of completion and Membership for one-year in the American Ghost Society.

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