A collection of articles that shows that sometimes we think may be the real story of a famous haunting -- may not actually be true!

Myrtles Plantation
Real Story Behind one of America's Most Haunted Houses!

Inez Clarke
Legends & Lies in Chicago's Graceland Cemetery

The Real Story of the "Curse" that Destroyed a town

House on Ridge Avenue
America's Greatest Haunted Hoax? A grisly tale that didn't quite ring true!

The Black Angel
True Story of Iowa's Mysterious Black Angels of Iowa City & Council Bluffs!

Horror or Hoax?
What Really Happened in at the House in Amityville?

St. Louis Exorcism
The Real Story Behind the case that inspired the "Exorcist"

Haunted & Weird Illinois
The Travel Guide to Illinois' Best Kept Secrets & Local Lore! Ghosts, Hauntings, Abandoned Places & More!
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A few Favorite Weird & Haunted Illinois Locations!

 The Watseka Wonder
One of America's Greatest Unsolved Mystery!

St. Valentines Day Massacre
The Most Infamous Event in Chicago's Mob History

Resurrection Mary
Chicago's Most Famous Ghost

The Murder Castle
H.H. Holmes - America's First Serial Killer & His "Murder Castle"!

The Lincoln Theater
Legendary Vaudeville House & Home of the Haunted America Conference

Vishnu Springs
This former town and ghostly hotel are Haunted by Spirits from the Past!

Original Springs Hotel
Illinois' Longest operating natural mineral springs --- and the most haunted!

Voorhies Castle
One of the most famous haunted spots in Central Illinois

Haunted Links
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Haunted Highways of America
Other Haunted Places from Across America!

Haunted Missouri
Haunted St. Louis, Lemp Mansion, Jesse James & More!

Haunted Indiana
Includes Hannah House, Stepp Cemetery & Others!

Haunted Iowa
Includes Villisca Ax Murder House, Simpson College, Mars Hill & More!

Haunted Wisconsin
Summerwind, Kemper Hall, Grand Opera House & More!

Haunted Kentucky
Mammoth Cave, Bobby Mackey's Music World & Much More!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium -- One of the most haunted places in America! Discover the haunted history of the old hospital and accounts of the hauntings!

Visit America's Most Haunted Places!
Compiled by Author Troy Taylor -- Plus Other Haunted Articles!
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The Villisca Ax Murder House
One of America's Most Haunted Places & the chilling story behind the murders and hauntings

The Mothman
Our Most Popular Article Ever!

Wisconsin's Most Haunted House

Black Aggie
The legends and lore of America's most famous "cursed" grave marker

Ghosts of Zombie Road
The True Story of One of the Midwest's Spookiest Spots!

Hornet Spook Light
Hunting for 0ne of America's Greatest Mysteries

Haunted Alcatraz
History of America's Most Haunted Prison

Winchester Mystery House
One of America's Greatest Haunts!

The Lost Dutchman Mine
One of the greatest, and most haunting mysteries of the American Desert centers around the Superstition Mountains of Arizona!

The Old Western Burial Ground
The Haunted Resting Place of Edgar Allan Poe

Gettysburg Battlefield
 Ghosts of America's Most Haunted Small Town

The Lemp Mansion
The St. Louis Mansion is one of the Most Haunted Places in the Country!

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