Troy Taylor is a researcher of history, crime, and the supernatural and the author of  116 books on ghosts, hauntings, history, crime and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder and owner of American Hauntings Tours and Events.

Taylor shares a birthday with one of his favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald, but instead of living in New York, Hollywood and Paris like Fitzgerald, Taylor grew up in Illinois. Raised on the prairies of the state, he developed an interest in "things that go bump in the night" at an early age and as a young man, developing ghost tours and writing about haunts in Chicago and Central Illinois.  He began his first book in 1989, which delved into the history and hauntings of Decatur, Illinois, and in 1994, it spawned the Haunted Decatur Tour -- and eventually led to the founding of American Hauntings (with current tours in Alton, Chicago, Decatur, Jacksonville & Carlinville, Illinois and the American Hauntings Tours, which travel all over the country in search of haunted places.

In 1997, Taylor launched the Haunted America Conference, regarded as "America's Original Ghost  Conference" in Decatur, Illinois. The conference is normally held in the Midwest (Decatur, Alton, Jacksonville) but off-shoots of the event have also taken place in San Diego and Cape Cod. The Haunted America Conference remains the most imitated conference in the country (although the imitations never equal the original) and in 2016, will hold its 20th anniversary event in Alton, Illinois.

In addition to the tour companies and Haunted America Conference, Taylor is also the founder of Whitechapel Press, a publishing company for books about the supernatural that he started in 1993.

Along with writing about the unusual and hosting tours, Taylor is also a public speaker on the subject of ghosts and hauntings. has appeared in scores of newspaper and magazine articles about the subject and in hundreds of radio and television broadcasts about the supernatural. Troy has appeared in documentary productions for TLC, The History Channel, A & E, Discovery Channel, PBS, CMT, Travel Channel, Investigation Discovery and in various network programs and syndicated news shows. These programs have included America's Ghost Hunters, Ghost Waters, Night Visitors, Beyond Human Senses, Scariest Places on Earth, Children of the Grave, The Possessed, America's Most Terrifying Places, Unexplained Files, Evil Kin and others. He has also appeared in one feature film about the paranormal (see sidebar). Troy currently resides in Illinois.


Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Bloody Chicago (2006)
Bloody Illinois (2008)
Bloody Hollywood (2008)
Without a Trace (2009)
Blood, Guns & Valentines (2010)
Murdered in Their Beds (2012)
Fallen Angel (2013)
Murder by Gaslight (2013)
Fear the Reaper (with Rene Kruse) (2014)
One August Morning (2015)

The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook
(1997/ 1999 / 2001/ 2004 / 2010)
Ghost Hunter's Guidebook: 10th
Anniversary Edition
Confessions of a Ghost Hunter (2002 / 2007)
Field Guide to Haunted Graveyards (2003)
Ghosts on Film (2005)
So, There I Was... (With Len Adams) (2006)
Talking with the Dead (with Rob & Anne Wlodarski) (2009)

The Haunting of America (2000 / 2010)
Into the Shadows (2002 / 2012)
Down in the Darkness (2003)
Out Past the Campfire Light (2004)
Ghosts by Gaslight (2007)

Spirits of the Civil War (1999)
Season of the Witch (1999/ 2002 / 2013)
Haunted New Orleans (2000)
Beyond the Grave (2001)
No Rest for the Wicked (2001)
Haunted St. Louis (2002)
The Devil Came to St. Louis (2006 / 2014)
Sex & The Supernatural (2009)
Houdini: Among the Spirits (2009)
And Hell Followed With It (with Rene Kruse) (2010)
Suicide & Spirits (2011)
A Pale Horse was Death (with Rene Kruse) (2012)
The Devil & All His Works (2013)
Soldiers & the Supernatural (with David Goodwin) (2013)
Cabinet of Curiosities (2014)
Cabinet of Curiosities 2 (2014)
Cabinet of Curiosities 3 (2015)

Weird Highway: Illinois

Haunted Illinois (1999 / 2001 / 2004)
Haunted Decatur (1995 /2006 / 2009)
More Haunted Decatur (1996)
Ghosts of Millikin (1996 / 2001)
Where the Dead Walk (1997 / 2002)
Dark Harvest (1997)
Ghosts of Springfield (1997)
Haunted Decatur Revisited (2000)
Flickering Images (2001 /2011)

Haunted Alton (2000 / 2003 / 2008/ 2014)
Haunted Chicago (2003)
The Haunted President (2005 / 2009)
Mysterious Illinois (2006)
Resurrection Mary (2007)
The Possessed (2007)
Weird Chicago (2008)
Illinois Hauntings (2011)
Over My Dead Body (2013)
Haunted Jacksonville (with Lisa Taylor Horton) (2014)

The St. Francisville Experiment (2000)
Troy appeared as himself in what started out as a paranormal documentary and deteriorated into a "Blair Witch Project" rip-off. Troy appears in the early, documentary portion of the film and never (in any way) endorsed the authenticity of the blatantly fake "paranormal" scenes that followed after the participants entered the house. With that said, Troy adds:
"I have taken a lot of flak about my role in this film over the years but what I can say is that it was a lot of fun to make and be a part of and the cast and most of the crew (especially Paul Salamoff) were great people to work with. There is no point in trying to take it seriously -- it's just a movie -- and as long as you don't go into it believing that it's authentic, it can actually be a lot of fun.
"I can't say that the St. Francisville Experiment is ever going to be fondly recalled as a highlight of my career but I don't regret taking part in it. It was a great experience and a real look at what happens when things in Hollywood go awry." For more "behind the scenes" details about the making of the film, see Troy Taylor's book Confessions of a Ghost Hunter.

1. Legacy of Evil (2012)
2. The Murderous Medium (2012)
3. The Lost Girls (2012)
4. Mercy Brown (2012)
5. "Come Prepared to Stay Forever" (2013)
6. "I Want to Come Home Tonight" (2013)
7. Lady of the Lake (2014)
8. Girl by the Side of the Road (2014)

1. And the Dead Knocked (2013)
2. Rise of the American Original (2013)
3. Behind the Curtain (2013)

Haunted Illinois
True Crime Illinois (2009)
Big Book of Illinois Ghost Stories (2009)
Monsters of Illinois (2011)
Haunted Missouri (2012)
Big Book of Missouri Ghost Stories (2013)

Haunting of America (2006)
Into the Shadows (2007)
Spirits of the Civil War (2007)

Wicked Washington (2007)

Murder & Mayhem in Chicago's Downtown (2009)
Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's West Side (2009)
Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's North Side (2009)
Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's South Side (2009)
Murder & Mayhem in Chicago's Vice Districts (2009)
Wicked New Orleans (2010)
Haunted New Orleans (2010)
Wicked Northern Illinois (2010)
Wicked Decatur (2011)

Weird U.S. (co-Author) (2004)
Weird Illinois (2005)
Weird Virginia (co-author) (2007)
Weird Indiana (co-author) (2008)

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